Bullet Points: 100 Acres Of Hell Oct. 3, 2019

” Awesome Intro”

The Main Event: Buck Severs vs Jeb Tucker. Hell, this could be bigger than Hulk vs Warrior at WrestleMania VI. ”

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100 Acres of Hell review from October 10, 2019

” Jeb doesn’t waste time in playing cat and mouse he waits and then he brutally goes in for the kill ”

” The movie is a brutal, blood soaked ride that will have you against the ropes the whole time ”

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5 Reasons we love Gene Snitskys ‘100 Acres Of Hell’ Sept 20, 2019

” Former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky has an undeniable charisma that dominates the screen as he portrays the troubled, yet admirable Buck Severs ”

” Displaying an irresistible charm, Catherine Corcoran has a vibrant personality in her role as Sissy. Self-confident and feisty, Sissy (Corcoran) radiates the screen. ”

” From start to finish, 100 Acres of Hell delivers a raw and visceral experience. The ending will stay with audiences long after they finish watching. ”

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Watching Movies – 100 Acres Of Hell Without Your Head Sept 19, 2019

” It is a throwback slasher with fun practical kills and a fantastic final battle between professional wrestlers Gene Snisky and Sam Anoa’i reminiscent of Roddy Piper in They Live. ”

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Geek Legion Of Doom Sept. 17, 2019